Decision Making


The purpose of the Decision Making RIG is to advance inquiry of various aspects of decision-making within nursing science, provide a forum for disseminating knowledge relative to decision-making, promote opportunities for scholarly networking and mentoring and recognize significant contributions of nurses to decision science research.

The Decision Making RIG is fortunate to have many experienced and funded researchers who actively contribute to the body of decision-making knowledge. Our members embrace a rich diversity of theoretical and methodological approaches to the study of decision-making and choice behaviors, including: nurses’ clinical reasoning and decision-making, self-management decisions in heart failure, decision-making in care-giving for dementia, women’s decisions about menopause and depressive symptom management, cultural aspects of decision-making, and women’s decision-making about breast cancer treatment.

Who Should Join?

Nurses and nursing students with an interest in decision making science, clinical reasoning in nursing practice, shared provider-health care recipient decision making, or choice behaviors of health care recipients in all arenas of nursing practice.

RIG Communication

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Decision Making RIG Newsletter – October 2020 Issue
Decision Making RIG Newsletter – July 2020 Issue
Decision Making RIG Newsletter – April 2019 Issue

Decision Making RIG Newsletter – Spring 2019 Issue
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Meet the RIG Leadership for 2020 – 2021


Grant Pignatiello, PhD, RN 
Postdoctoral Fellow, Case Western Reserve University


Elizabeth Eisenhauer, PhD, RN 
Assistant Professor, Oakland University 



Past Co-Chair

Richard Martin, DNP, MBA, RN, CFP
PhD Student, Case Western Reserve University

Past Co-Chair 

Nicholas Schiltz, PhD 
Assistant Professor, Case Western Reserve University

Grant Representative

2020-2021 RIG Awards

The 2020-2021 RIG Awards Nominations are now closed.  Please be sure to attend the RIG Annual Meeting right before the 2021 Annual Research Conference in March 2021 for the announcement of RIG Award Winners.

2019 – 2020 Goals

Our primary goals are two-fold:

  • To increase member communication and sharing of current decision-making research accomplishments and projects in process. Following on success of annual meeting, we will move from newsletter to Zoom format.
  • Membership campaign: “Decision-Making as Your 2nd RIG”. We intend to provide information (through RIG chairs to minimize competitive concerns) regarding relevance of decision-science to the research of each of the areas of nursing research content represented in the other RIGs, including existing decision-making concepts and approaches not identified as decision science, and areas of RIG focus research that could be enhanced with formal addition of decision science concepts or methods. In a non-critical manner, identify decision-making concepts, variables and measures currently in the research content of other RIGs that is without the theoretical foundation of rigor of contemporary decision science. Deliverables proposed include jointly authored essays for RIG newsletters and an annual meeting symposium (competitive for 2021 or at next round of guaranteed) with joint presentations of nurse scientist who primarily identifies as a decision-making researcher and a nurse scientist who did not, but now identifies decision-making concepts in her/his research.

Overall/Long Term Goals

  • Increase membership by 10%.
  • Increase communication by leveraging novel communication strategies (use of new MNRS website RIG specific page, social media)
  • Collaborate with another RIG for either a competitive co-sponsored symposium or a pre-conference workshop.

Recent Activities/Highlights

  • Congratulations to Decision Making RIG chair Dr. Lisa Carter-Harris who is the recipient of an R15 grant funded by the National Cancer Institute to test the conceptual model she developed to understand lung cancer screening participation from the perspective of the individual making the decision to screen or not for lung cancer. This is a 3-year mixed methods study that will help advance the state of the science in this emerging cancer screening option for high-risk smokers.

RIG Minutes/Meeting Summary

If you are interested in learning more about the Decision Making RIG, please explore the minutes from the past meetings:
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